Welcome Week Details

Posted by on 15 Sep 2016 in News

Hello everyone, I hope you have been having a fantastic Welcome Week! Here’s some information about the sailing club’s upcoming events:

Capsize Lunch

Get excited as our first social, The capsize lunch, is today (Fri 16 September)! This event offers free lunch, and the chance to meet committee members and sign up for yachting and dinghy trials as well as the taster session. You can find the Facebook event here. Also join our Facebook group for more updates.


For insurance reasons, you will need a membership before joining us on the water. Memberships are available here. The £65 membership package also gives you a ticket to our annual boat party, so the choice should be easy!

Yachting Trials

Yachting trials are this Saturday (September 17th). To sign up for yachting trials you must either come to the Capsize Lunch tomorrow and talk to the yachting secretaries or email the yachting secretaries at yachtracing@eusc.org.uk. Join the yachting facebook group for more information.

West Coast Cruise

You will be able to put down a £40 deposit to reserve your spot on the west coast cruise tomorrow at the capsize lunch.

Dinghy Trials

For more information about Dinghy Trials you will be able to talk to our match secretary at the capsize lunch or email him at matchsec@eusc.org.uk.

We look forward to seeing you soon,

Ross Slater EUSC Secretary

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Sailing 2016/2017

Posted by on 31 Aug 2016 in News

Hello All,

Coming to the University of Edinburgh next year? Thinking about spending your free time at uni sailing?

The Edinburgh University Sailing Club has a lot to offer! We have competitive yachting and dinghy teams, beginner sailing, yacht cruising, great socials… The list goes on and on. We are a great club who cater to all sorts, something for everyone and every type. Come along and find out for yourself!

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to send us an email or join our facebook group.

I hope everyone is just as excited for next year as I am. I look forward to meeting all of you during freshers week!

EUSC Commodore 2016/2017

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SSS Yachting Championships

Posted by on 28 Feb 2016 in News

A weekend of light wind racing, sun tanning and banter.

sssyacht 1

James and four of his favourite Freshers rocked up at Port Edgar Marina on Saturday morning, excited to race together for the first time and some (Rory) exited to sail a 707 for the first time.  After launching and drifting to the start line with the first race abandoned after 20 minutes because of a complete lack of wind, there was about an hour’s wait before the first race which Edinburgh won quite easily by a leg.  After that the other teams decided to get into gear a bit and Strath, with very risking starting procedures, went on to win the next six races in a row with Edinburgh getting a 2nd, some 3rds and a 4th due to some difficult starts and rusty manoeuvres due to our lack of training. However, a lot had been learnt from the first day and we were feeling quite happy in third place, roughly 4 points behind Aberdeen, with Strath in first place.  Emily went for a chilly dip in the water after sailing, much to everyone’s amusement and Hugh bailed on joining (sensible idea).

sssyacht 2

Saturday evening was themed ‘tight and bright’ and James thought his chances were good due to his dashing rainbow coloured face.  We are really grateful to Ed for organising the evening, but also for getting absolutely steaming, not being able to find Hive and spending £50 in Pilgrim.

sssyacht 3

Sunday saw lovely sunshine but still minimal wind.  Our main aim was to consistently finish a place or two ahead of Aberdeen in each race and then aim to take as many points from Strath as possible.  Our manoeuvres, spinnaker sailing and banter had all improved massively from Saturday and we were the fastest on the upwind legs of the race course every time.  This saw us get two second places (both ahead of Aberdeen), following up with three bullets in a row, we were looking like we could put a good amount of pressure on Strath but then inevitably the wind dropped to <1mph so the racing was finish for the day and for the weekend.  We finished in second place overall which we were very proud of considering the lack of racing experience with each other beforehand, plus many a vitamin D was absorbed from the lovely weather which we were granted with so who can complain?!

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Nottingham Snakebite

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On the weekend of the 13th and 14th February two Edinburgh Sailing teams took on the arduous 7 hour drive to Nottingham to take part in the Nottingham Snakebite open event. Arriving in the small hours of Saturday morning, there was little time to sleep before the dreaded ringing of the alarm sounded far too early as usual.

Conditions on the first day of racing were ideal, with 15kt winds allowing for plenty of exciting and explosive racing. The format of the event was to be a round robin followed by a round of Gold, Silver and Bronze leagues, before ending with two semi-finals, a final and a petit final. The competition from the English universities proved fierce, and very few races were won by simply sailing faster than the opponent. Edinburgh Blue put on a strong showing, winning every race confidently with 1st and 2nd place in each. The Green team struggled at first, however later managed to get onto a winning streak. At the end of the first day Edinburgh blue sat at the top of the table, tied with Cambridge Grey on 100% wins but with lower average points at 6.9 per race. Edinburgh Green placed lower down the table after the slow start, but were confident heading into Sunday’s racing.

notts 1

Sunday brought a rarity for sailing events this year: Sailable conditions for a second day in a row. We should definitely consider going to English events more often… With the sun shining and wind slightly stronger than the Saturday it was looking to be a good day. However, due to unfortunate dental emergencies and having to rush off early at the end of sailing on Saturday, we missed the news that enough of the round robin had been completed to move straight into leagues on the Sunday. Without this information, the Blue team thought they had a fairly long amount of time before their first race of the day, whilst the Green team were supposedly on first. The Green team were hurried out of the minibus to get changed, leaving the Blue team some time to bask in the sun. However, due to the change in the race schedule, Edinburgh Blue were in the first race against Cambridge. Unfortunately we found this out a bit too late and didn’t make it into the boats, giving them a comfortable 1, 2, 3 victory. I hear they managed to give themselves spins, which leads me to wonder what would have happened had we raced them instead of napping in the minibus. Despite this initial setback, the Blue team won the rest of their races in Gold league, and Edinburgh Green continued their winning streak from the end of Saturday, not dropping a race on Sunday and placing top of the Bronze league.

With the leagues completed, Edinburgh Blue faced off against NOGS in the semi-final, the first to two wins going through to the final. NOGS took the first race after an impressive first beat, establishing a lead which they held until the end. However, Edinburgh managed to take the second race, bringing finals hopes to the third and final race. With everything to play for, NOGS put on a strong show and managed to take the win, knocking Edinburgh Blue into the Petit final against West Kirby Youth, also decided by the first to two wins. The youth squad sailed incredibly quickly and took the first race, with one Edinburgh boat granted spins on the finish line. The second race came right down to the wire on a photo finish, with a last minute port/starboard ruling in Edinburgh’s favour giving them the win. Once again the final race would decide it all, however this time Edinburgh’s superior team racing came into fruition, netting the Blue team third place overall.

Tacking on a windy day. Check out that beautiful reef

Overall the event was a highly enjoyable success, run efficiently by Nottingham University Sailing Club with the help of Nottingham County Sailing Club, who provided hot food on both days for all participants.


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