Environmental Policy 16/17

Posted by on 9 Feb 2017 in Sustainability

Edinburgh University Sailing Club (EUSC) has committed to reducing the environmental impact of its activities. As such, this policy statement will set out the commitments that the club has made in the academic year 2016/17 to fulfill this objective.

1. Publicity

EUSC will commit to raising awareness of sustainability issues in sailing to club members and attendees of club events, particularly through social media and the club’s website.

2. Fuel Consumption

EUSC will commit to reducing its fuel consumption by making RIB users aware of the environmental impact of driving powerboats at excessive speeds.

3. Fuel Spillage

EUSC will reduce the risk of fuel spillage by ensuring that all refueling of powerboats is done using a funnel. In case of fuel spillages, EUSC will ensure that spill kits are always on hand, both at training and at race events that the club is hosting.

4. Reusable Water Bottles

EUSC will commit to the reduction of waste by encouraging the use of reusable water bottles at training sessions, fitness sessions and race events. EUSC will not provide single use water bottles at race events and will encourage competitors to bring their own reusable bottles.

5. Clean, Check, Dry

EUSC will promote the Clean, Check, Dry system to its members, particularly through social media. EUSC will implement a Clean, Check, Dry system at race events to prevent the spread of invasive non-native species and will ensure that EUSC boats are washed before and after being transported between and used at different inland venues.

6. Saving Water

EUSC will commit to reducing the wastage of water, particularly when implementing the Clean, Check, Dry system, by using hoses with trigger nozzles.

7. Recycling 

EUSC will commit to promoting recycling at socials, training sessions and race events that the club is hosting through raising awareness of the importance of recycling, particularly via social media and the club’s website, and providing recycling facilities at events hosted by the club.

8. Review

EUSC will revisit and review this policy annually in order to check progress and evaluate whether improvements can be made.


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Scottish Student Sailing League #2

Posted by on 7 Feb 2017 in Event Reports

Once again, the magnificent members of the Edinburgh University Sailing Team found themselves embarking upon a journey of adventure and self-discovery, in Glasgow. Bags were packed refreshments purchased, and transport boarded.

 After a Friday of wild dancing, Saturday morning dawned to the sound of twenty four sailors eager for a day of sailing. Food was foraged, and the teams found themselves gazing onto a glassy loch. After much delay and only a couple of wind dances, racing started and by the end of the day a round had been completed.

A-Team, led by James Archibald Logan, performed like the well-oiled machine that they are. Winning the majority of their races in the Platinum Fleet only finishing third after the frustrating math of a three-way-tie-breaker. Their only loss to Glasgow A involved a powerboat driving though the race course. Their last race against Strath A was a stressful affair involving the conversion of a 2-4-5 into a 2-3-5 at mark four and over the course of the last beat, to narrowly carry the race.

The B-Team crushed all before them! (With the exception of Aberdeen A) Brendan Teddy Lynch and Naomi Tiffany Fallows sailed predictably aggressively. Calum Finlayson and Charles Reginald Williamson proved invaluable in holding out opposition boats on the beat. Jenny Kate Dinwoodie engaged in some of the most excruciatingly polite team racing SSS has ever seen. The end of racing found B-Team sitting second in Gold Fleet.

Led by Edward Dowes the Great, and Patrick Bard; C-Team completely fudged it. Sophie Goodrich did her best to Titanic her firefly off the pontoon, thankfully the boat was patched with tape and managed to finish the day. C-Team – despite their impressively complicated system of code-words – finished the day in Silver Fleet. Ever defiant, C-Team left the loch vowing to win the social.

 Under the leadership of the Cian Ryan the D-Team sailed outstandingly. The team made up almost entirely of team racing rookies won four of their five races. This placed them second in Silver Fleet. The D’s day culminated in a tense final race, in which they converted a 1-5-6 into 1-4-5  following a very tense tacking battle on the final beat.

Screenshot 2017-02-07 at 14.53.50

The sun rose on Sunday and our intrepid sailors were once again greeted by frost, and a loch made of glass. The wind this day did not fill in. However, Sunday was not a total write off as many members of teams enjoyed ‘a lovely country walk’ or a ‘muddy tromp around a field.’ Perspective is everything. Recoveries were made, awards handed out, and all teams returned to Edinburgh triumphant.


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Top Tips for Sustainable Boating

Posted by on 7 Feb 2017 in Sustainability

As part of our participation in The Green Blue Sustainability Challenge, we have outlined 5 top tips for sustainable boating! You can follow these tips to join us in trying to protect the areas where we sail.

  1. Use reusable water bottles in order to reduce waste and prevent littering. We use reusable water bottles at all of our training and race sessions and make sure that we’ve tied them to the boats to stop them falling out in the event of any hairy capsize moments.
  2. Clean, Check and Dry all of your kit and your boats before and after sailing at a different venue. At EUSC we abide by the Clean, Check, Dry system whenever we travel to sailing events or transport boats between lakes in order to prevent the spread of invasive, non-native species.
  3. Save fuel by driving not driving at excessive speeds in the powerboats. Driving at slower speeds will not only help to conserve fuel (and money), but will also reduce the disturbance for local wildlife.
  4. Use a funnel or safety fill nozzle to prevent spillages when refueling RIBs. In case of spills, make sure that you have a spill kit handy and that all RIB users how to use it.
  5. When cleaning your boat or kit, make sure that you’re using environmentally friendly cleaners. We know your wetsuits can get pretty toxic but that doesn’t mean that the cleaners that you use have to be too!
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SunSail Series Final

Posted by on 16 Nov 2016 in Event Reports, News

On the 12th of November EUSC Yachting sent a new team all the way south to Southampton to compete in the SunSail series final which the 2016 BUCS yachting team had won entry for earlier in the year.

After arriving in the land of the ‘down south’ people very early of Saturday morning and had a quick 6 hours sleep they were ready to roll heading down to the boats to get sorted for the days racing. Along with our team of 7 EUSC sailors we were joined by 2 professional sailors to help us learn fast and race well with a new team that had not worked together before. Robbie and Pete were both very useful and taught us lots which helped our boat handling come together very quickly.

We arrived at the race area with a strong 20+ knots of wind blowing from the South East, however even in the time leading up to the 1st race the trend was that the wind was dying very rapidly. In the 1st race the tactician on board may have slightly missread the tide (in one of the most tidal venues in the world) and as a result of this the team crosses the start line about 1 boat length behind the rest of the fleet which immediately put us in a firefighting position looking for quick escapes to tack out and find a clean lane. Following a very shifty beat we managed to gain back several places to 8th. As the race progressed the wind continued to die and by the final beat we had 2 or even 3 people on the leeward rail to try and keep the heal on the boat! Despite the team sailing well we struggled to fight back to a great position due to the dying wind and a lack of boat speed.

Race 2 had a better start and were powering out to the left hand side of the course and most things were looking pretty sweet in a top 5 position then taking the long tack in to the mark we realised we were going really slow compared to other boats which was being made worse by the dying wind and increasing the speed differences between us and other boats. Half way down the 1st run someone chirped up with, I think the water tanks are still full (900kg of water)! So we had to run down and open all of the taps and empty out all of the water.

After the finish of race 2 the wind properly died and racing was abandoned leaving the team feeling a bit disheartened that we had forgotten to check the water tanks.

On the Sunday after a lovely evening in the quaint town of Hamble with everyone in bed nice and early ready for a full day of training on Sunday we headed out with the main focus for the training to be on boat handling. We had a great day in the sun and plenty of breeze working on our crew work and manoeuvres.

Overall we had a great weekend unfortunately not getting the result we came for due to a rookie error and some non-obliging wind but still learned lots and had plenty of fun ready for out next challenge.

We would also like to give a special thanks to Suzy’s mum for providing massive quantities of amazing food for us to enjoy over the weekend.

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Scottish Student Sailing League #1

Posted by on 15 Nov 2016 in Event Reports, News

On the weekend if the 12th/13th November, EUSC hosted the first Scottish Student Sailing League weekend at Lochore Meadows.

21 university sailing teams from across Scotland arrived on Saturday morning to battle it out and, in spite of some (many) minor wheel malfunctions, the boats were on the water and ready to race by 10am!

Changeable winds made for tricky sailing, with both the teams and the race committee having to constantly adjust to the flakey conditions. However, the race committee persevered and managed to get through 80 races before the wind finally gave up on us. After a hard day’s sailing, we all scuttled home to get ready for the team debrief.

At the end of the first day Edinburgh Blue were celebrating 6 wins with only one loss to the sneaky Strathclyde A, Edinburgh Green and White managed to average above a 50% win rate, and Edinburgh Puce pulled off a dazzling comeback in the afternoon after a slow start.


Before we knew it, day two was upon us and the teams were back at Lochore bright and early and ready to race. Unfortunately, the wind had other ideas and the teams got their first glimpse of what a lazy Sunday might be like (ignoring the fact that they’d been up at 6am to get to the club) while they waited for it to arrive.

Once the wind decided to sheepishly make an appearance, we launched straight back into racing and managed to complete the remaining 69 races of the round robin before it snuck back off.

With the racing complete, it was the moment we had all been waiting for; the results! Edinburgh Blue came 2nd in their pool and won a place in the prestigious Platinum league, Edinburgh Green and White secured their places in Gold, and Edinburgh Puce sailed well but were unfortunately capped at Silver due to pesky rules about team changes.


All in all, the teams raced well and made the best of changeable and tricky conditions. Thanks must be given to the Race Committee, umpires and all of the helpers, who made the event possible, and to Leanne Fischler for the photos!

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