The first sailing competition of this years calendar, The Glasgow Grouse took place last weekend which saw 4 Edinburgh teams and an Edinburgh Alumni team compete against their Scottish rivals. Everyone woke up early Saturday morning to make our way to Bardowie loch to register and rig the boats keen for an exciting day of sailing.

Unfortunately, a heavy mist was sitting on the lake preventing any wind and the forecast was not showing much promise, the morning consisted of lots of sailors cramming into the club to stay out of the cold air, we even had some brave people attempt wakeboarding in the freezing water.

Finally at 2 pm the race committee decided to cancel all races for the day as it was looking like we weren’t going to get any wind leading to everyone rushing to pack up the boats and head home for the afternoon.

In the evening all got ready putting on our fancy clothing including some questionable kilts and headed out for the Ceilidh held at the Glasgow University Union where everyone had a great time even if you were left spinning in circles trying to figure out what to do next.

Sunday saw everyone ready for a full day of sailing but as we arrived we were met with a glassy loch. Eventually, a breeze came over and despite many worries it stuck allowing everyone to quickly grab their boats and sail out to start racing. What followed was an intense day of sailing that thanks to a great race committee allowed us to get in a full 60 races, a quarter finals, semi-finals and final race.

RNCYC ended up winning the Grouse against Strathclyde Blue and an Edinburgh University Alumni team, Edinburgh Import beating Edinburgh A in a highly contested playoff to take 3rd place, leaving Edinburgh A in 4th. It was a great first event for all teams, giving some great experience and lots to learn from ready for the first SSS league event next weekend.