RYA/BUSA Ladies Team Racing Championships

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IMG_2322Last weekend, ladies from all across the land, as far off as Exeter and Cardiff, gathered in Glasgow for the ever popular Ladies Championships. An earlier great performance by the Edinburgh team at SSS ladies championships, coming 3rd overall, meant that 3 of the Edinburgh girls having been asked to join the SSS Rep team for the weekend, and so the Edinburgh team travelled with a few new additions to Glasgow in anticipation of a great weekend of racing.IMG_2338

The weekend started well, after a short postponement waiting for the wind to fill in, racing got underway. The first two races didn’t go Edinburgh’s way with a loss against Exeter and Oxford Blue, but after their fingers had finally thawed out, races started to turn their way. They ended Saturday lying 6th overall, with 6/10 race wins including one against the SSS Rep team. With such haste to prepare for the Ceilidh they managed to leave Loch Ore without keys and so the evening instead consisted of a 2 hours of sitting in a cold, slightly creepy corridor and a very hurried dinner before dancing the night away….or breaking themselves (Tilly :’( )IMG_2339

Dawn break on Sunday to a scene of magical beauty, with Tilly healed overnight, and results being fixed, Edinburgh had a fully functioning team AND had made it into the gold fleet! After another wait for the wind to fill (and the ice to melt) racing was on its way again. De ja vu hit the team strongly, with the first race once again against Exeter and once again in Edinburgh boats, but this time the outcome a little different…a win for Edinburgh!! (No matter how mucht they protested) (sorry Exe). However, the rest of the day didn’t fall into Edinburgh’s favour with top teams and stiff competition they were left joint 4th on race wins, falling 6th on points and so narrowly missed out on a place in the semi’s.

The teams had a great weekend, with lots of lessons learnt and fun had. Thanks go to Strathcylde and Glasgow for organising and hosting.

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London Icicle

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28164777_1854525127913768_6150175035827212898_oIt was another successful weekend for EUSC with two teams competing in the Imperial Icicle. After a slight delay setting off (caused by accidentally leaving Clara in Edinburgh, sorry Clara!) we finally made it to London. Saturday was very light but racing got underway in 5knots. Good training for BUCS finals after months of gales in Scotland. Both teams had a great first day, winning 7/8 races each and enjoying the first sail of the year in sunshine. The round robin continued on Sunday morning and both teams made it into the gold league.

The first race in the gold league was arguably the most important of the event: a match between Edinburgh Blue and Edinburgh Green. With a minute to go to the start it looked as though Edinburgh Green would be too early but Edinburgh Blue followed them into the start line and ended up with 2 of their boats pushed over the start. Edinburgh Green held onto their lead to win the race. With one race each to go, both teams had won 2/4 races and both needed to win their final race to be in with a chance of second place. Edinburgh Blue finished their final race in style, spotting a windshift just before the start that their opponents (Exeter) missed and finishing 1-2-3. Edinburgh Green looked like they would lose to an Oxford schools’ team but some impressive tacks up the final beat helped them just snatch a win at the last minute.

That left 3 teams tied for 2nd place. Since Oxford had beaten Edinburgh Green, Edinburgh Green beat Edinburgh Blue and Edinburgh Blue beat Oxford, the tie was broken on points, which left Edinburgh Blue in 2nd, and Edinburgh Green in 4th. Another successful weekend for EUSC! After team photos, victory beer and meeting Hannah’s dog, who had come to watch the sailing (definitely the highlight of the weekend for some people) the teams set off back to Edinburgh. Now we’re looking forward to next weekend when some of the team will be competing in the BUCS ladies finals, whilst the guys enjoy a well-earned rest!28061535_1854525211247093_1935059977229483539_o

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Outstanding Oxford Top Gun

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On 10/11th February an Edinburgh team made the long trip down to Oxford to compete in the annual Top Gun event. The Top Gun is an invitation only event, consisting of the top 8 university teams. The competition this year was Bristol, Cambridge, Exeter, Imperial, Oxford, Southampton and Trinity College Dublin, and we were keen to see how we would match up against them.


Saturday morning dawned bright and breezy, and the Edinburgh team surprised everyone by being first at the sailing club. Wins in their first two races against Imperial and Trinity College Dublin gave Edinburgh confidence and they followed it up with a closely fought win against Exeter, last year’s BUSA champions. Highlights included Miles and Pippa’s impressive compression in a 1,5,6 against Bristol, which allowed Hugh and Rachel to sail from 6th to 1st down the run. Unfortunately some questionable starting techniques led to losses against Southampton, Oxford and Cambridge but by the end of the day they were sitting joint 3rd, with just over 50% wins.


On Saturday evening all the teams were invited to Oxford sailing club’s annual dinner at St Hugh’s College, but mindful of their good results the Edinburgh team decided to call it a night after dinner and didn’t sample the delights of Fever. They were ready and raring to go the next morning, only to find that the start boat had sunk overnight so there was a postponement whilst it was frantically bailed out. The breeze built during the day and by lunchtime it was gusting 30 knots. However, the Edinburgh team sailed well in the heavy weather and continued to win about half their races. Unfortunately a front came through bringing wind and hail and the organisers decided to bring the boats ashore and abandon the final round robin. Edinburgh weren’t able to sail their final two races which left them in 4th overall. They stayed to watch a great final between Cambridge and Southampton, which was won by Cambridge and then set off for the long drive back.

It was a great weekend and the team were pleased with their improvement. As always the event organisation by Oxford sailing club was brilliant. Next stop is the Imperial Icicle next weekend!








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Edinburgh University hosted the 2nd sss event in the series, represented by 4 ambitious teams on the 27th-28th of February. The friday night before the racing commenced on the saturday saw visiting and hosting teams take on three sisters then onto shanghai where the Edinburgh girls showed off their incredible dancing skills whilst many made good friends with the visiting teams. Saturday started with wind,wind,wind and everyone hid inside eating Frans legendary toasties, they also cured many hangovers that morning. Racing was cancelled early on and the teams explored Edinburgh and got to witness some of its hidden gems. Aberdeen university stormed the castle whilst Glasgow university bevved. Poor Edinburgh university were worse for the were from the previous night so napped and watched mamma mia. Saturday night started with team dress ups, theme, what I wanted to be when I was younger. The Strathclyde princesses were a sight for sore eyes in Hive where all teams seshed, hard. On sunday we managed to get in a few hours of sailing, we had a good breeze which allowed the race committee to storm through some races. The Edinburgh teams triumphed with its Blue and Green team making it into the top 4. The Edinburgh Puce and White teams held their own in their pools with a few great wins. Yet again Frans toasties were popular even if strathclyde brought their own toastie maker. Great weekend had by all and Edinburgh university Sailing club held an incredible event.


The wind continued to play havoc with the third league weekend, leaving some very unhappy sailors land locked all weekend. This meant that while there was no sailing, both Edinburgh Blue and Edinburgh Green made it straight through to BUSA Finals hosted in Glasgow later this year! Keep an eye out to see how their training goes!

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SSS Women’s Championships 2017

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This past weekend, the Edinburgh women’s team set off to compete at the SSS Women’s Championships in Aberdeen.


After being fed a balanced breakfast of bacon rolls, cake, cookies and tea by FORFAR sailing club it was time to take to the water and begin team racing in breezy conditions. After the first race, we came together and discussed the problems we had encountered. We devised a successful game plan for our 3-minute start sequence and with motivation and moral kept consistently high by Mhari Orr’s “get to know your penguin” warm up, we were set for the next race. With winds howling over the loch we managed to secure some win in the next two races.


During the breaks between races our attention was somewhat diverted elsewhere… It was pretty clear that our ladies team were not only artistic on the water (a few necessary spins, ducks and pass backs) but also extremely talented onshore performers. A dance number choreographed by Tilly Bartholomew led to the development of a full on musical number to the lyrics:


“Because you know it’s all about that pace, about that pace, no spinning.

Yeah, it’s pretty clear we love the 1,2

And we can luff it, luff it, like we’re supposed to do

We got that boom boom, that all the boys chase

With all the right tacks in all the right places”

(Sung to ‘All about that bass’ – Meghan Trainor)


All in all, it was an excellent day of racing that meant we had secured our place in the gold fleet for Sunday.


Sunday dawned and we leapt into out boats still sporting the red glitter and face paint from the previous nights ‘exorcist costume’. It was clear that our confidence and friendship as a team had grown significantly over the weekend, and by mid-afternoon we actually started to pull off some fantastic team racing manoeuvres; Sarah Alcock and Anna Protheroe set up some great pass backs whilst crews could be heard communicating with each other over the entire race course and some incredible telepathic skills from Lily meant there were beautiful tacks all round. Special mention goes to ‘crisp’ Clara Zalarbardo for achieving the world’s fastest red flag protest any of the umpires had ever seen at an event!!

There was a noticeable team improvement on the Sunday placing the Edinburgh womens team as 3rd overall. What a fantastic start to this girl can week!

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Cameron Trophy 2017

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This past weekend, a team from Edinburgh University sailing club participated in the Cameron Trophy, a training event designed to get more sailors involved in student yachting in Scotland.


Getting up bright and early on Saturday, we headed to Port Edgar Marina in Queensferry for the event, where we got ready and were briefed by some familiar faces, including former EUSC sailor Ross Malloy, and current EUSC team racer and Cameron Trophy event-coordinator Brendan Lynch. After releasing the warps, we were off, and sailed under the bridge to Queensferry bay, where we began with a morning of training followed by some of the first races in the afternoon. As most of us were new to racing in 707s there was a learning curve for everyone, and as well as most of us trying out new positions in the boat that we had to get used to, we also faced some tough competition from the other Scottish teams, such as the University of the Highlands and Islands, who made the tactical choice to field a team almost entirely composed of Strathclyde sailors.IMG_1934


In the first race we competed in our outhaul broke, and replacing it with our reefing line and a sail tie meant that we were a DNF. In the second race we improved significantly, jumping up to third place and by the third race we had achieved second place and things were looking up. Some tactical issues, fluctuating wind conditions and strong tide meant that the final race of the first day was also a DNF, but we finished on high spirits and were satisfied that over the course of the day we did learn a lot. As the sun set we packed our boat away, took most of the other teams we were hosting back to our flats, and then onto a chilled out curry social followed by a flat party hosted by one of EUSC’s sailors and then a night out at Potterow.

On the Sunday, we got changed, were briefed and after some last minute crew changes and some questionable chat from Miles about what his farts smelt like, were back out on the water. For the morning session we sailed back to Queensferry bay, where we spent the morning doing some tacking drills and practicing hoisting and dropping our spinnaker, which was something we had wanted to improve on from the Saturday.IMG_1932

Finally, it was time to race again. While in the first race we finished fifth out of sixth, our training paid off, and we then proceeded to get third place and two second place finishes towards the end of the day, despite the wind almost completely dying while we were racing, conveniently only picking up again once the racing was over. Overall over the weekend we finished fourth, and the first prize went to the University of the Highlands and Islands, but we had fun and learnt a lot, and I think all of us are now very keen to get involved with more yacht racing in future.IMG_1935


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