Glasgow Grouse

Posted by on 2 Nov 2016 in Event Reports

The first sailing competition of this years calendar, The Glasgow Grouse took place last weekend which saw 4 Edinburgh teams and an Edinburgh Alumni team compete against their Scottish rivals. Everyone woke up early Saturday morning to make our way to Bardowie loch to register and rig the boats keen for an exciting day of sailing.

Unfortunately, a heavy mist was sitting on the lake preventing any wind and the forecast was not showing much promise, the morning consisted of lots of sailors cramming into the club to stay out of the cold air, we even had some brave people attempt wakeboarding in the freezing water.

Finally at 2 pm the race committee decided to cancel all races for the day as it was looking like we weren’t going to get any wind leading to everyone rushing to pack up the boats and head home for the afternoon.

In the evening all got ready putting on our fancy clothing including some questionable kilts and headed out for the Ceilidh held at the Glasgow University Union where everyone had a great time even if you were left spinning in circles trying to figure out what to do next.

Sunday saw everyone ready for a full day of sailing but as we arrived we were met with a glassy loch. Eventually, a breeze came over and despite many worries it stuck allowing everyone to quickly grab their boats and sail out to start racing. What followed was an intense day of sailing that thanks to a great race committee allowed us to get in a full 60 races, a quarter finals, semi-finals and final race.

RNCYC ended up winning the Grouse against Strathclyde Blue and an Edinburgh University Alumni team, Edinburgh Import beating Edinburgh A in a highly contested playoff to take 3rd place, leaving Edinburgh A in 4th. It was a great first event for all teams, giving some great experience and lots to learn from ready for the first SSS league event next weekend.

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Ceilidh Cup

Posted by on 13 Oct 2016 in Event Reports

The Ceilidh Cup is an annual Keelboat Match Racing event hosted by the Royal Northern and Clyde Yacht Club in Rhu, Helensburgh. It also incorporates the Scottish Student Sailing Match Racing Championships, and therefore sees a large number of Universities competing alongside non student teams. The very first British student sailing event of the year, it was over subscribed as teams were eager to put their new teams to the test.


The weekend saw light wind on both days, making for tense racing. Edinburgh started the round-robin with an unfortunate loss against reigning champions RNCYC due to an equipment failure. Made only more determined by this we then went on to win against Strathclyde Blue, forcing them to take a penalty just before the finish line allowing us to sail past. Further, a convincing win against Strathclyde Red set us up well going into the fourth race and we led St Andrews round the course until the last leg, where they managed to ride a gust down the course and pip us to the line. Downhearted by this, our spirits were low as the wind dropped off and racing was cancelled for the day.14646558_1248578178506966_1594834946_o

Sunday saw us focused as we took three straight wins against Aberdeen, Glasgow and St Mary’s Loch Sailing Club (a mixed team, including past and present Edinburgh students). This left us having won six out of eight races and a 75% win rate in our round-robin, but several teams were still to race each other so we were unsure of our position overall. As soon as we had finished our races the wind again died and the fleet was left drifting. We sat and watched as the sailors taking part in SSS Fleet Racing kept sailing in a small patch of wind near them.

After an hour of waiting, the race committee attempted to try and complete the round-robin, but again the wind didn’t play ball. More waiting ensued but we were told we could now head in, as now only a few university teams were staying out to attempt to race each other, in order to ensure the SSS prize could be awarded. Tensions were again high as we waited to hear if any team would match our results.

The prize giving started and with it came surprise as we found there was a three way tie for 1st place between Edinburgh, Strathclyde Blue and St Andrews. Due to the lack of a final series because of the wind and the method by which the SSS title is awarded, it happened that all three teams ended up with five wins in the six student-student races. This was rather unexpected but nonetheless we were delighted to take the title of SSS Match Racing Champions for Edinburgh University. We also left the event in second place over all with six wins in eight races, two wins behind RNCYC and one point ahead of Strathclyde Blue, which is always satisfying. Our thanks go out to the RNCYC and the race management who ran a great event!

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SSS Fleet Racing Championships

Posted by on 12 Oct 2016 in Event Reports

We took part in the second ever SSS Fleet Racing Championships at Helensburgh SC at the weekend which was a great success! Two boats from the B team attended the regatta and had a great time.
Saturday started off with winds of 8-10 knots coming from the North East. Racing began at 11.00 am and Donald the PRO managed to get four races in before the wind died at the end of the fifth race resulting in a shortened course. The teams improved throughout the day as Jenny and Charlie became comfortable with the double handed boat finishing 5th in one of the races!

The Social was great on Saturday night as the SSS Fleets ran at the same time as the Ceilidh Cup (Sonar Match Racing Champs). RNCYC hosted everyone for a meal and allowed camping for free. A lot of fun was had by all especially when the social proceeded to the Rhu Inn.
Sunday challenged the teams a lot as the wind was oscillating and was a lighter 6-8 knots. With the forecast for the wind to totally drop off by 1.00pm everyone was prompt to launch and get out there. The day was a classic ‘keeping your eyes out of the boat’ day as patches of more breeze were obvious to see moving down the course. By 12 o’clock the wind was slowly dropping away but the PRO persevered and managed to get four races in. Joanna and Naomi were excited with gaining a 1st in one of the races and finishing 2nd overall.
With plans of areas to work on both teams are excited to get training and get their heads in the team racing zone for this season.

Thanks to Leanne Fischler for the photography!

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West Coast Cruise

Posted by on 5 Oct 2016 in Event Reports

The Sailing Club’s first cruise of the year started in Largs marina on Friday with 4 boats and 30 sailors heading for the beauti-ful town of Tarbert. We met up with some familiar faces from both Glasgow and Strathclyde universities who were doing a similar trip the same weekend.


We woke up on Saturday morning to near perfect conditions – with bright sunshine and winds of around 15knts – so set sail early across towards the Isle of Bute taking the scenic route through the Kyles of Bute. The sunshine was even enough to convince a few brave souls to take a dip in the freezing Scot-tish water – which apparently wasn’t as cold as it looked! The good weather continued mak-ing a great days sailing and after an afternoon of beautiful scenery and wildlife spotting (there were definitely dolphins) all 4 boats made it successfully to Tarbert harbour.


After a great evening socialising with the other universities and trips up to the castle it was time to set sail back to Largs, this time heading between the Isles of Arran and Bute. With less wind than the Saturday, sailing was more challenging, but thanks to our skippers and a little bit of help from the engines all the boats were back safely into Largs marina on Sunday afternoon. It was a great weekend all round and a fantastic introduction for members new and old who were trying it for the first time.


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Dinghy Taster Weekend

Posted by on 4 Oct 2016 in Event Reports

The 1st and 2nd of October saw the club’s annual Dinghy taster sessions take place on Linlithgow Loch. Over the two days, around 20 sailors of all levels took to the water. Weather on both days was ideal for beginners – with enough wind to go places (but not so much that things became unstable), and almost unbroken sunshine. Each day began with a runthrough of rigging and a dry tacking drill before we got on the water. For many participants, this was their first time in a sailing boat: and by the end of the weekend many of them had tried helming and even a little racing!


This weekend was a primer for our programme of sunday sessions, where beginners will work through RYA Levels 1 & 2, learning the basics of sailing, while intermediates will work on Level 3 and the RYA advanced modules. The weekend was a huge success, with feedback from participants including: “Having lots of experienced sailors to show us how to rig the boats and stuff was good”, “plenty of time on the water”, “very good teaching” and “over all it was really fun.” A huge thank-you to Rebekka Thomas, Katie Hall, Mabel Ellerker, Jaylee Boer, Cameron Currie, and Charlie Williamson: without whom we couldn’t have run this event.


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Nottingham Snakebite

Posted by on 14 Feb 2016 in Event Reports, News

On the weekend of the 13th and 14th February two Edinburgh Sailing teams took on the arduous 7 hour drive to Nottingham to take part in the Nottingham Snakebite open event. Arriving in the small hours of Saturday morning, there was little time to sleep before the dreaded ringing of the alarm sounded far too early as usual.

Conditions on the first day of racing were ideal, with 15kt winds allowing for plenty of exciting and explosive racing. The format of the event was to be a round robin followed by a round of Gold, Silver and Bronze leagues, before ending with two semi-finals, a final and a petit final. The competition from the English universities proved fierce, and very few races were won by simply sailing faster than the opponent. Edinburgh Blue put on a strong showing, winning every race confidently with 1st and 2nd place in each. The Green team struggled at first, however later managed to get onto a winning streak. At the end of the first day Edinburgh blue sat at the top of the table, tied with Cambridge Grey on 100% wins but with lower average points at 6.9 per race. Edinburgh Green placed lower down the table after the slow start, but were confident heading into Sunday’s racing.

notts 1

Sunday brought a rarity for sailing events this year: Sailable conditions for a second day in a row. We should definitely consider going to English events more often… With the sun shining and wind slightly stronger than the Saturday it was looking to be a good day. However, due to unfortunate dental emergencies and having to rush off early at the end of sailing on Saturday, we missed the news that enough of the round robin had been completed to move straight into leagues on the Sunday. Without this information, the Blue team thought they had a fairly long amount of time before their first race of the day, whilst the Green team were supposedly on first. The Green team were hurried out of the minibus to get changed, leaving the Blue team some time to bask in the sun. However, due to the change in the race schedule, Edinburgh Blue were in the first race against Cambridge. Unfortunately we found this out a bit too late and didn’t make it into the boats, giving them a comfortable 1, 2, 3 victory. I hear they managed to give themselves spins, which leads me to wonder what would have happened had we raced them instead of napping in the minibus. Despite this initial setback, the Blue team won the rest of their races in Gold league, and Edinburgh Green continued their winning streak from the end of Saturday, not dropping a race on Sunday and placing top of the Bronze league.

With the leagues completed, Edinburgh Blue faced off against NOGS in the semi-final, the first to two wins going through to the final. NOGS took the first race after an impressive first beat, establishing a lead which they held until the end. However, Edinburgh managed to take the second race, bringing finals hopes to the third and final race. With everything to play for, NOGS put on a strong show and managed to take the win, knocking Edinburgh Blue into the Petit final against West Kirby Youth, also decided by the first to two wins. The youth squad sailed incredibly quickly and took the first race, with one Edinburgh boat granted spins on the finish line. The second race came right down to the wire on a photo finish, with a last minute port/starboard ruling in Edinburgh’s favour giving them the win. Once again the final race would decide it all, however this time Edinburgh’s superior team racing came into fruition, netting the Blue team third place overall.

Tacking on a windy day. Check out that beautiful reef

Overall the event was a highly enjoyable success, run efficiently by Nottingham University Sailing Club with the help of Nottingham County Sailing Club, who provided hot food on both days for all participants.


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