What to bring sailing

Here are some tips on what you should bring with you to Linlithgow and what we offer.

The club has:

  • – Spray tops and bottoms
  • – Wetsuits
  • – Buoyancy Aids

Bear in mind, these supplies are limited so bring your own if you have them.

What you should bring:

  • – Shoes you don’t mind getting wet
  • – Dry and warm clothes for before and after sailing
  • – Hat, gloves, scarf or neck warmer
  • – A fleece to take on the water with you if you wish (sometimes nice to have on under waterproofs for warmth in winter)
  • – A snack (there is a Tesco opposite the centre)
  • – A towel
  • – Swimwear (or underwear) for underneath your wetsuit

Cotton clothes are not advisable because they don’t stay warm when wet.

What Low Port may be able to hire out for a small charge:

  • – Boots (£1 charge)
  • – Wetsuits
  • – Buoyancy aids
  • – Waterproofs

N.B. Please ensure you have a wetsuit/drysuit AND a buoyancy aid because without them you will not be able to go sailing.