What is Team Racing?

Each team has 6 members; 3 helms and 3 crews. A race consists of two teams pitting there skills against one another around a pre-defined course (usually an S-shape). The result of the race is determined by the combined finishing positions of each boat within the team. 1st = 1 pt, 2nd = 2 pts… 6th = 6 pts. Which ever team has the lowest score wins the race. 10 is the magic number – ten points or less wins you the race. 11 points or above and you hang your head in shame!

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Team racing involves a lot of tactics and strategy. Sporting behaviour is completely disregarded when it comes to getting one over on the opposition. Manipulation of the rules is commonplace around the race course as boats jockey for a winning combination, often sacrificing their own position for the good of the team. Let it be said: there’s no “I” in team! Check out the links section for some good websites explaining the intricacies of team racing in more detail.

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