IMG_2322Last weekend, ladies from all across the land, as far off as Exeter and Cardiff, gathered in Glasgow for the ever popular Ladies Championships. An earlier great performance by the Edinburgh team at SSS ladies championships, coming 3rd overall, meant that 3 of the Edinburgh girls having been asked to join the SSS Rep team for the weekend, and so the Edinburgh team travelled with a few new additions to Glasgow in anticipation of a great weekend of racing.IMG_2338

The weekend started well, after a short postponement waiting for the wind to fill in, racing got underway. The first two races didn’t go Edinburgh’s way with a loss against Exeter and Oxford Blue, but after their fingers had finally thawed out, races started to turn their way. They ended Saturday lying 6th overall, with 6/10 race wins including one against the SSS Rep team. With such haste to prepare for the Ceilidh they managed to leave Loch Ore without keys and so the evening instead consisted of a 2 hours of sitting in a cold, slightly creepy corridor and a very hurried dinner before dancing the night away….or breaking themselves (Tilly :’( )IMG_2339

Dawn break on Sunday to a scene of magical beauty, with Tilly healed overnight, and results being fixed, Edinburgh had a fully functioning team AND had made it into the gold fleet! After another wait for the wind to fill (and the ice to melt) racing was on its way again. De ja vu hit the team strongly, with the first race once again against Exeter and once again in Edinburgh boats, but this time the outcome a little different…a win for Edinburgh!! (No matter how mucht they protested) (sorry Exe). However, the rest of the day didn’t fall into Edinburgh’s favour with top teams and stiff competition they were left joint 4th on race wins, falling 6th on points and so narrowly missed out on a place in the semi’s.

The teams had a great weekend, with lots of lessons learnt and fun had. Thanks go to Strathcylde and Glasgow for organising and hosting.