Once again, the magnificent members of the Edinburgh University Sailing Team found themselves embarking upon a journey of adventure and self-discovery, in Glasgow. Bags were packed refreshments purchased, and transport boarded.

 After a Friday of wild dancing, Saturday morning dawned to the sound of twenty four sailors eager for a day of sailing. Food was foraged, and the teams found themselves gazing onto a glassy loch. After much delay and only a couple of wind dances, racing started and by the end of the day a round had been completed.

A-Team, led by James Archibald Logan, performed like the well-oiled machine that they are. Winning the majority of their races in the Platinum Fleet only finishing third after the frustrating math of a three-way-tie-breaker. Their only loss to Glasgow A involved a powerboat driving though the race course. Their last race against Strath A was a stressful affair involving the conversion of a 2-4-5 into a 2-3-5 at mark four and over the course of the last beat, to narrowly carry the race.

The B-Team crushed all before them! (With the exception of Aberdeen A) Brendan Teddy Lynch and Naomi Tiffany Fallows sailed predictably aggressively. Calum Finlayson and Charles Reginald Williamson proved invaluable in holding out opposition boats on the beat. Jenny Kate Dinwoodie engaged in some of the most excruciatingly polite team racing SSS has ever seen. The end of racing found B-Team sitting second in Gold Fleet.

Led by Edward Dowes the Great, and Patrick Bard; C-Team completely fudged it. Sophie Goodrich did her best to Titanic her firefly off the pontoon, thankfully the boat was patched with tape and managed to finish the day. C-Team – despite their impressively complicated system of code-words – finished the day in Silver Fleet. Ever defiant, C-Team left the loch vowing to win the social.

 Under the leadership of the Cian Ryan the D-Team sailed outstandingly. The team made up almost entirely of team racing rookies won four of their five races. This placed them second in Silver Fleet. The D’s day culminated in a tense final race, in which they converted a 1-5-6 into 1-4-5  following a very tense tacking battle on the final beat.

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The sun rose on Sunday and our intrepid sailors were once again greeted by frost, and a loch made of glass. The wind this day did not fill in. However, Sunday was not a total write off as many members of teams enjoyed ‘a lovely country walk’ or a ‘muddy tromp around a field.’ Perspective is everything. Recoveries were made, awards handed out, and all teams returned to Edinburgh triumphant.