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What Shall we do with a Drunken Sailor?

Our club (along with the sport of sailing in general) is renowned for its socialising. Joining in with club activities is a great way to meet new, like-minded people and make new friends. Highlights of the social calendar include:

Boat Party

The biggest social of the year – We have an epic party on a boat on the Forth underneath the Forth Rail Bridge with obligatory fancy dress of course!

Steam Racing

Our twist on the traditional pub crawl/pub golf. With a map of pubs and a variety of drinks needing to be drunk at each, it’s a race to the end for teams of six people. Much drunkenness and bonus points for extra items collected.

Christmas Dinner

A two/three course Christmas extravaganza usually with a theme to end the first term with a bang.

Lads and Ladies Night

The lads and the ladies meet separately to enjoy a meal some drinks before meeting up at a bar and then onto a club!

Beer & Skittles

We take a trip to one of the oldest pubs in Scotland in Duddingston where we’re given access to their skittles range. A great evening to try out the traditional bowling alley with teams and prizes.

Flat Crawl

Just like a pub crawl, but instead of pubs, it’s flats.