Sponsor Us

We strive to make sailing as accessible as we can, and your sponsorship would allow us to significantly widen participation by subsidising costs for all of our members, for example the cost of utilising training locations and entry fees to both dinghy and yachting competitions.

In the past we have had some of our best sailors unable to compete at events because of the associated costs, but with your support we can help ensure everyone is able to sail. The more people we can get on the water the better it is, not just for our club, but the sport as a whole. Your support will allow even more people to experience the sport, and allow our best sailors to compete at the top events with less financial demand.

Why a partnership with EUSC will benefit you:

As a prestigious sporting university with one of the best sailing teams in Scotland and some of the best sailors in Great Britain, we can help to support and promote your business through many different means:

-We can provide advertising space on our fleet of six firefly dinghies which are used at events across Scotland.

-We host annual sailing events and these provide a fantatsic opportunity for marketing and branding

– The club has an extensive social media outreach, with a combined following of over 2000 accounts. This is a great opportunity to reach out to a new audience and further your brand exposure, we can feature background boards/ banners with your brand name or logo on and mention your brand in posts across all social media platforms including our regularly visited website and facebook pages.

-Recognition in our weekly newsletter which is read by alumni globally

-Within our members is a plethora of talent studying a wide range of degree disciplines. Many of which study engineering, mathematics, physics and the social sciences such as economics and accountancy.

By sponsoring us, there is the ability to enhance brand familiarity and recognition through exposing what your company is all about to our members. In this way opening up a pathway to recruit highly qualified talent, who through participation in sailing demonstrate the crucial value of teamwork. 

If the opportunity to sponsor the club interests you, please do not hesitate to contact Elithia Stuart, the Vice- Commodore at: vicecommodore@eusc.org.uk.