On Saturday morning four sailors with cracking hangovers and Iain piled into a car and headed down to Port Edgar to try and defend Edinburgh’s title as Scottish Yachting Champions. As predicted, and like the previous three years, as a team we hadn’t sailed together until the first race, always a strong tactic for being fast. The weather was typical for Scottish spring – 25 knots and snow. This made laying the course tricky and as result the run ended up being a 45 second battle to get the kite up and set for all of ten seconds, gybe and then drop. Edinburgh managed to successful complete this task twice in the first race securing a bullet; however, this was not to last.


Next race Strathclyde entered the racing in the most matched of all the really matched boats that Port Edgar had to offer and took four bullets and a third for the rest of the day. Edinburgh didn’t have the best start and in racing that was so short it was tricky to sail through the fleet. The rest of the day proceeded with a mixture of 2nds and 3rds and left us in 3rd overnight. The race committee then decided that the sideways snow was enough to cause a premature end to the day.


Having decided that the hangovers had really boosted our performance on the Saturday three members of the team decided to hit Prow until close and did not follow Ross and Iain home at around 11:30. Sunday morning was not fun and in typical Scottish fashion of all or nothing we were left waiting for the wind to fill in. Unfortunately, it never came and at 2:00 the racing was abandoned leaving Strathclyde in 1st, Glasgow in 2nd and Edinburgh in 3rd. Overall it was a great weekend if not the most successful racing but revenge was to be had at BUCS down south.