Summer Sail Week

Summer Sail Week is the perfect mix of sun, sea & casual sailing, taking place in Corfu, Greece or Croatia every summer.

Seven days are spent cruising from island to island, mixing it up in tranquil bays, lively hotspots, & exclusive beach parties in the Mediterranean’s hottest destinations, on a yacht with all your friends.

The Edinburgh yachts will be sailing in a flotilla alongside students from other university sailing clubs, which will allow you to meet old friends and make new ones.

You dont have to know how to sail or even have been on a boat before to come on our trips, as each yacht has a skipper on board.

If your idea of a seaside holiday is comprised of rest and relaxation, don’t worry, we’ll have plenty of time to chill and take in the beauty of the scenery that we’ll be experiencing.

To find out more about SSW 2024, keep an eye on our facebook and instagram pages. For specific details contact our Vice-Commodore Ota Dvorak at