Team Practice beneath Linlithgow Palace

 Edinburgh Teams 2017/2018

Selection for this year’s teams is now complete, but if you are interested in sailing we have many other opportunities and would love to see you at some of our awesome socials and sailing sessions.

1st Team, Edinburgh Blue:

James Logan & Hannah Jones (c)

Hugh Braidwood (c) & Rachel Scarfe/Maxine de Havenon

Miles Jones & Isla Harper


2nd Team, Edinburgh Green:

Alex Elliot (c) and Maddie Breen (c)

Brendan Lynch and Anna Protheroe

Katie Munroe and Beth Hurst


3rd Team, Edinburgh White:

Darius Mienville and Mabel Ellerker (c)

Eleanor Kooiman and Lily Streatfield

Mhari Orr and Patrick Kinnear (c)


4th Team, Edinburgh Puce:

Tilly Bartholemew (c) and Charlie Williamson

Paddy Eves and Clara Zalabardo

Sam Doble Thomson and Sophia Adams (c)

Chris Parker and James Holmes