SSS Yachting Championships 2015

All I know is that you’re going to have to Read All About It….

After never sailing together, one might say that there were never High Hopes for the Edinburgh Yachting Team. But with Callum’s persuasive Take A Chance On Me speech, how could anyone say no, to the One And Only? Can anyone remember Last Friday Night? After a sobering bacon roll and wiping off the green facepaint, there was really no place I would Rather Be. For some this was the Start Of Something New, for others it was case of Better Together.


Hannah Gold Digger, whoops Smith, on the helm was Not Afraid in every mishap. Gilles was Mr. Brightside making the most out of every situation, on main-sheet. When the spinnaker was up with Callum on trim we were Glad You Came. Meanwhile Archie and Suzy were on foredeck. With this cracking line up we were Buzzin’ to get going.

After Strath turned up in matching kit we felt Under Pressure, but For A Pessimist, I’m Pretty Optimistic. Within a minute of the first start after red flags and shouting; some might say that we were Loosing Hope. But we realised that we were going to have to Shake It Off, dig deep and move on; finally crossing the line in 2nd position. With a slight increase in breeze to allow us to overcome the tide; we had to sail harder, better, faster, Stronger. After a few dubious spinnaker hoists and drops, we heard Strath muttering “I Knew You Were Trouble”. We started to pull together and work well as a team; this resulted in some consistent results on The Edge of Glory. In the forth race of the day For The First Time we felt that we were in the Pursuit Of Happiness with our first race win.


We finished the first day we a solid 2,2,2,1,2 however our Lego House quickly fell apart with the announcement of the evening’s entertainment – a protest. We were asking why Theo was being so Rude and if he could just Let It Go. Nether-the-less he continued being a W     and was the Man Who Can’t Be Moved, while we were begging him for Mercy. It’s fair to say that we felt slightly Broken after the disqualification from the first race, but What Hurts The Most was the multiple Bruises on our legs.After arriving home late we crashed with pizza saying Wake Me Up Before You Go Go, to Potterow. Although We Are Young we lost the social for the first and last time.

Sunday – Breeze on. As the racing started we were Livin’ On A Prayer with the spinnaker pole frequently pinning Suzy and Archie to the coach roof. Furthermore Archie not realizing that the deck was Slippery When Wet, managed to clothesline himself on the lifelines resulting in a brief sense of humour failure. As we rounded each mark we were Hot Right Now from the high pressure situations causing us to sweat like a blind lesbian at a fish market #moist. The racing that day comprised of 2,2,5,1 due to a problem with the quick release of the pole snapping, a jib not going up and mild stress as we careered towards the committee boat with Archie and Suzy shouting Blame It On Me. In the Final Countdown to the last race we were found repairing our pole. The race… Magic. We were taking #Selfies down the run as Hannah was singing Don’t Stop Me Now. Good Times were had by all, we came 2nd overall it was quite simply a Teenage Dream and the beginnings of a promising Edinburgh Yachting Team.