West Coast Cruise 2015

24 sailors from Edinburgh University Sailing Club headed down to the seaside town of Largs, west of Glasgow, to set out on a weekend of adventure! After arriving at Largs we got our chance to meet our 3 beautiful boats: Lady Naomi, Scimitar and Swift. These fine vessels would be our home for the weekend as we set of to explore the west coast of Scotland. After socialising with Glasgow University Sailing Club, who were also at port, we went to bed eager for sun rise so we could cast off and set sail.

 The sails were soon raised and we headed off towards Tarbert, at Loch Fyne. The sun, wind and banter were plentiful. Led by our skilled skippers Suzy, Archie and Tiri, we navigated through the picturesque Kyles (avoiding the rocks). The conditions were ideal and the views were stunning as we sailed through some of Scotland’s best scenery. We rafted up for lunch in a beautiful cove, protected from the elements. With the sun out and food emerging, everyone was in good spirits.

 Late afternoon, on arrival to the south end of Loch Fyne, an hour sail from our destination, two brave and handsome sailors, Jaylee and Suzy decided it was time for a swim in the frigid Scottish waters. Braving the cold they jumped in to the water and initiated a swimming frenzy from sailors across all three yachts. Suzy also managed to pull of some sick moves on a makeshift wakeboard off the back of one yacht.

west coast cruise


​Arriving in Tarbert our first priority was to feed our empty stomachs after a day at sea. After sampling Tarbert’s best local cuisine we returned to our yachts for our evening theme was “anything but clothes” which inspired lots of creativity.

The morning came early on Sunday as we set of to return to Largs. Sailing all the way the conditions couldn’t be better. We had an exciting day sighting many seals, porpoises, and a basking shark along with a flotilla of British, American and Dutch Navy Ships sailing down the Clyde on exercise (which were less hard to see).

Back on shore, a sense of melancholy struck us all as it settled in that our adventure was over and we had to return to the luminescent lights of the library and the monotone of lectures and tutorials. The great West Coast Cruise of 2015 was over for another year.

To see a video of the event click here!